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My dear husband takes the kids away for the weekend so that I can have some me time. I decide this is a great time to do one of my 80 million Pinterest projects that I have pinned but never got to. So I decide to work on a “broken pot fairy garden,” with this image in my head that it would sit on our front porch, welcoming visitors and our kids would love it.

Here’s what the project looks like:


I spent almost all day on this project, and here’s what my attempt looked like:


Well, that crucial first step kinda screws you over, doesn’t it? I’ve decided that there needs to be a tumblr feed of Pinterest shaming. Here’s my improvised consolation prize:


This is very, very sad. And when I placed it where I thought it would go, I realized it doesn’t actually work there. Le sigh. Well, if anyone out there accidentally drops a terra cotta pot so that it breaks into two opportune pieces as pictured above in perfect pinterest world, please do let me know! I will take that broken pot off your hands and try to make this consolation prize less sad looking!

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  1. Dani

    Oh the pinterest projects we all atempt…They always make it look sooooo easy! Check out