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Our little “big girl” is three years old today.

How did she get to be three years old already?!

We woke up (groggily), dressed her, fed her, brush teeth and hair, dropped her off at day care, kissed her goodbye, we went to work. Later that evening: picked her up, big hugs, drove her home, watched a little of her favorite show, fed her dinner, played together, gave her a bath, read 3, 4, 5 stories to her, turned off the light, ran through the list of all the people that love her, gave her a kiss goodnight as she went to sleep. Next day: repeat.

A good structure, but one that makes the days race by, follow it a few hundred times and she’s a year old, a few hundred more and she’s two and now three? How is she three so soon?

I love that in the age of smartphones, digital cameras, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and this blog, we can capture, journal, post and just have so many breadcrumbs along the way that we can look back and see the evolution, see the growth from a newborn to a baby to a toddler to practically a little girl. I cherish having the ability to look back on all that, but it doesn’t make it any easier how quickly it’s all going by.

Happy Birthday, Kaylee. I can’t believe you’re three already! Where does the time go?

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