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Ziplining through the trees at the Sandy Spring Adventure Park

Okay, it wasn’t really Ewok Village, but look at the photo above, with 13 courses stacked up on top of each other this treetop adventure park really had an Endor feel.

This Father’s Day I awoke to find a toolbox that was rebranded as a Manliness kit. It included all the things needed to be a man including Axe Body Spray, A-Tees, NOS energy drink, a picture of the kids, a chain. Clearly my family takes it cues on what constitues manliness from the Fast and Furious movies.

There was also a gift card for a Day of Man Camp which meant a trip to the treetop and zipline course at Sandy Spring Adventure Park with fellow dads, my friend Jason and neighbors Mike and Bruce.

When recieving instructions on how to proceed we were encouraged to start with one or two purple or yellow (the easier courses) before moving on to greens, blues and black diamonds. We promptly disregarded that advise and started with a green, then through big-talking and too much pride to back down, moved onto a blue then black diamond course.

These courses sell themselves on the zip-line aspect but that typically comes at the very end. Most of the course is finding ways across complex ropes or wooden planks. It’s mental problem-solving using the physical tool of your own body, and adding in the adreneline of being 80 feet up in the air.

The pictures below hopefully paint a picture of how thrilling and exhausting this day was. We each wondered why we earned something so strenuous as a Father’s Day gift, but at the end of the day, over a couple of pitchers of beer, we felt damn proud of what we accomplished.

Here’s more photos of the day of Man Camp at the Adventure Park:


Jason going into a split on the piece we called the widowmaker.


Mike struggling to find his footing on the swinging planks.


Bruce with a look of great concentration crossing these swinging beams.


Greg giving a smile knowing he’s in control on the spinning log bridge.


Bruce high atop the 13 courses that overlay each other at Sandy Spring Adventure Park


Greg and Jason both caught in the netting at the same time like… nevermind.


The four Dads at the end of a rewarding but exhausting day at the Adventure Park

DSC00615 DSC00619


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