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Over Memorial Day weekend our little baby turned one year old. We threw her a birthday part with family and friends in attendance and gave her an oversize cupcake as her personal cake to eat in her high-chair.

Ginelle did wonderfully well neither crying nor putting her hand directly in the candle flame while we sang Happy Birthday. Afterwards she started trying to eat the cake with her hands, but realizing that was inefficient she took to the face-planting method seen in the video above.

Here are a few more photos from Ginelle’s big birthday celebration:


The family celebrating Ginelle’s first birthday.


Ginelle playing in the grass at her birthday party.


Ginelle playing with her favorite toy, plugged in electric cords.


Ginelle with her PoPo (grandma) learning to walk.


Ginelle deciding what cake she’s like to eat.


Ginelle enjoying new presents – a ball-rattle and a new hat.


Ginelle diving into her cupcake.

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