Teaching the girls to love Star Wars

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I’ll confess, I am a big Star Wars nerd, and have been excited that it’s made a comeback with the new generation because as I was becoming a parent, I figured this will be something I’ll be able to share with my son, but it’s not to be. I don’t have a son. I have… Read more »

Ginelle turns one and faceplants the cake

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Over Memorial Day weekend our little baby turned one year old. We threw her a birthday part with family and friends in attendance and gave her an oversize cupcake as her personal cake to eat in her high-chair. Ginelle did wonderfully well neither crying nor putting her hand directly in the candle flame while we… Read more »

Happy Birthday Selena

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I scoured a year’s worth of photos to find one where Selena is the focus. Every one I came across she was holding one of our wonderful children up in front of her. That’s just who she is, she literally puts those kids first, both in photos and in life. I am very lucky to… Read more »

Father’s Day in Ewok Village

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Okay, it wasn’t really Ewok Village, but look at the photo above, with 13 courses stacked up on top of each other this treetop adventure park really had an Endor feel. This Father’s Day I awoke to find a toolbox that was rebranded as a Manliness kit. It included all the things needed to be… Read more »

Kaylee’s Ballet Recital

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One of the perks of the Kindercare where we send Kaylee is they bring in a ballet instructor every Friday. We started Kaylee in for these ballet lessons about six months ago and last week they held their first recital. I was stunned right from the onset when we walked in and saw our little… Read more »

Fast and the Furious Marathon

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Six great days of getting fast and furious.

Going to see Fast and the Furiuos 6 on opening day was fantastic. Having built up to that by watching one Fast and Furious movie a night for the whole week leading up to it made for the Best Week Ever. After six nights of watching the fast cars, crazy stunts and rediculous plots, here’s… Read more »

Happy Birthday Ginelle!

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It astonishes me how quickly a year goes by, and suddenly my little baby, who’s never been particularly little is also not so much a baby anymore either. She independently plays, except when she’s swinging (and needs a little help from her sister). She’s crusing (almost walking), she’s forming sounds (almost words). She’s on the… Read more »

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

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How did she get to be three years old already?! We woke up (groggily), dressed her, fed her, brush teeth and hair, dropped her off at day care, kissed her goodbye, we went to work. Later that evening: picked her up, big hugs, drove her home, watched a little of her favorite show, fed her dinner,… Read more »

Where have you gone the most?

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I’ve been thinking about this question all week, where have I gone the most? Could it really be Austin, Texas? Greg here, well, actually not here where you are, I’m currently down in Austin Texas for the SXSW Interactive Festival. This is my sixth time attending this five-day conference, and if you throw in a… Read more »

Princesses in Walt Disney World

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What a fun trip to Disney World we had this past week. There were memories made there that will last a lifetime. We went to Orlando to get away from the cold, to visit my family, and for Selena and my step-mom Michelle to wear tutus and tiaras and run 13.1 miles in the Disney… Read more »