The Fast and the Furious 6-Day Challenge!

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If these images don’t excite you, then feel free to skip this post.   Before you skip this post though, let me put it another way (as some wise being on the internet expressed): Have you seen these trailers for The Fast and the Furious 6 and thought, “That looks fun. I kinda wish I… Read more »

Pinterest Shaming

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My dear husband takes the kids away for the weekend so that I can have some me time. I decide this is a great time to do one of my 80 million Pinterest projects that I have pinned but never got to. So I decide to work on a “broken pot fairy garden,” with this… Read more »

Greg’s Secret Recipe

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My favorite cookbook that I reference all the time is a spiral bound notebook with hand copied recipes, magazine clippings, cards from friends and printouts taped into it. I think most people have some version of this. When I first met Greg, he thought putting together a book like this for himself might be a… Read more »

The Perpetual Inside Joke Spawned by Stripper Aerobics

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Back in my mid-twenties, I belonged to a gym near home that, in a last ditch effort to stay afloat, offered a free strip tease aerobics class to its members (And a free Saturday morning breakfast bar). For the heck of it, I decided to try it out. On a side note, I revisited stripper… Read more »

The Game of Thrones Comic Series

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Long before a TV series and themed food truck madness, Greg and his boys were completely engrossed in the Song of Fire and Ice series, which is what you might know as The Game of Thrones on HBO. He loved the book so much that he made me read it, pulling the, “to know me,… Read more »

Respect the Scrapple

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As a born and bred Delawarian, Greg’s favorite breakfast meat is scrapple. Having spent my time in Delaware for 4 years, I must say, I’ve taken to scrapple as well. I’m not proud of this. On the rare occasion that we have some, it is ONLY handled by Mr. Scrapple himself and comes out of… Read more »

Parenting? There’s an app for that.

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I came home one day to find dad nowhere in sight and this scene in the crib: Further evidence that Greg’s iPad is the “other woman,” as it’s now raising our child. (I eventually found dad not too far away.)

No-Memory Foam

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Around the time Kaylee was born, I just wasn’t sleeping comfortably, and thought of our friend Alex’s super comfortable bed which had a feather mattress on it. I told Greg I wanted one. His reaction was kind of ‘whatever.’ So we settled on a layer of memory foam that seemed to fit our needs. Since… Read more »