Fast and the Furious Marathon

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Six great days of getting fast and furious.

Going to see Fast and the Furiuos 6 on opening day was fantastic. Having built up to that by watching one Fast and Furious movie a night for the whole week leading up to it made for the Best Week Ever. After six nights of watching the fast cars, crazy stunts and rediculous plots, here’s… Read more »

Princesses in Walt Disney World

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What a fun trip to Disney World we had this past week. There were memories made there that will last a lifetime. We went to Orlando to get away from the cold, to visit my family, and for Selena and my step-mom Michelle to wear tutus and tiaras and run 13.1 miles in the Disney… Read more »

Kaylee’s Geography Lesson

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We went over these individual locations a couple weeks earlier. When we were at the giant floor map again and I asked and Kaylee, I was really stunned that she remembered all the locations perfectly, so  I had her do it again, this time recording it all. The part I am most proud of is… Read more »

On the Floor of the Stock Exchange

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It’s not often that I have to wear a suit to work.  In fact, it’s never, except for this past Friday. I had to pull out the one suit I owned, pack in in a bag and take it up to New York City with me, because last Friday morning I had the very exciting… Read more »

Welcome Ginelle Grace Robleto

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At 6:45am on Friday May 25th, everything in our world changed completely… again. After 23 hours in the hospital, Selena delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl – seven pounds, 12 ounces. We named her Ginelle Grace Robleto. Mother and baby are both doing wonderfully. Here are many many pictures of Ginelle when she first… Read more »

Kaylee’s 2nd Birthday

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There were balloons, a pile of presents, and Kai Lan themed banners and lanterns and gift bags for the kids. There was Chic-Fil-A nuggets, homemade Mac & Cheese and Chinese noodles along with cookies, chips and cupcakes, one that had a little number “2” on it. It was Kaylee’s second birthday party, and we celebrated… Read more »

Kaylee Yoda

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    My co-workers all know me as the guy obsessed with Star Wars, (well one of the guys, I do work for in technology), that is why my co-worker Katrina knew I would just love a Santa hat with Yoda ears sticking out of it for Kaylee. And I do, it is a great… Read more »

A Babymoon in New York City

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A Babymoon is one last vacation for the parents before the baby arrives. When Kaylee was due, I was fortunate enough to win the Fool’s Errand from my work and that gave us two weeks of forced vacation, so we went to the Florida Keys and Disney World as our last trip before becoming a… Read more »

Buying the Mazda3

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Have you seen our new car? That is it right there. We were looking for a new car with four-doors and a big enough trunk to handle our growing family, but was still able to get great gas mileage so I could drive it from Rockville to Alexandria and back each day.  So we went… Read more »

Final stop in Califorina – Michelle’s Resort and Spa

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One of my friends I’ve known the longest is Michelle. She was my closest friend in high school and although since that time, our paths have seldom paralleled, we’ve continued to make an effort to stay connected. She and her family moved out to the suburbs of San Francisco about a year ago, so I… Read more »