Kaylee’s Ballet Recital

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One of the perks of the Kindercare where we send Kaylee is they bring in a ballet instructor every Friday. We started Kaylee in for these ballet lessons about six months ago and last week they held their first recital. I was stunned right from the onset when we walked in and saw our little… Read more »

Princesses in Walt Disney World

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What a fun trip to Disney World we had this past week. There were memories made there that will last a lifetime. We went to Orlando to get away from the cold, to visit my family, and for Selena and my step-mom Michelle to wear tutus and tiaras and run 13.1 miles in the Disney… Read more »

Kaylee singing at the Winter Gala

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Kaylee loves to sing. She sings around the house all the time. Here’s a quick example of two songs she was to sing at her Winter Gala performance at Kindercare: Isn’t she adorable? I was delighted to be able to see Kaylee’s sing these in her class concert. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan out the evening… Read more »

The Current Kang Family

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It certainly has changed over the years since I first met the Kangs, but I suppose all family change over time. This is the current 2012 Kang family. We were very fortunate to have the whole family together in early July to snap this photo. Dean had flown in from Japan for a week and… Read more »

The mocking of the power saw

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When all the trees were downed all over Rockville in that weird intense storm (that I am told is called a deracho) that included a large number of large trees in my in-laws backyard. So I braved the 101 degree heat to go over and help out. I felt it was my obligation, and besides,… Read more »

A visit from Dean

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I wish I had thought of it, but it was all Dean’s idea. Selena’s brother took leave over the Independence Day holiday week from his job as a pharmacist on a military base in Japan and flew all the way home to be able to surprise Selena on her birthday. Well, technically two days after… Read more »

We’re going to have a problem here.

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“Boy hit me,” Kaylee ran to me saying with tears in eyes. I calmed her down, distracted her, and she forgot all about it — I did not. As she went back to playing, I went to scanning the crowd for the boy that hit Kaylee so I could watch him with a judgmental face…. Read more »

Kaylee makes the coffee

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You can tell by the sweater I’m wearing and the full head of hair that this video was shot a while ago. For a few months before Kaylee became our #1 helper with taking care of baby Ginelle, she was already starting to earn her keep by helping do small tasks around the house like… Read more »

What’s in a name: Ginelle Grace Robleto

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The new baby that adding a lot of joy and subtracting a lot of sleep from our lives is Ginelle Grace Robleto. What is the significance of that name? Ginelle is an alternate version of the name Gina, and is a tribute to her maternal grandmother. Selena’s mom, Gina Kang, passed away 10 years ago… Read more »

Welcome Ginelle Grace Robleto

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At 6:45am on Friday May 25th, everything in our world changed completely… again. After 23 hours in the hospital, Selena delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl – seven pounds, 12 ounces. We named her Ginelle Grace Robleto. Mother and baby are both doing wonderfully. Here are many many pictures of Ginelle when she first… Read more »