Father’s Day in Ewok Village

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Okay, it wasn’t really Ewok Village, but look at the photo above, with 13 courses stacked up on top of each other this treetop adventure park really had an Endor feel. This Father’s Day I awoke to find a toolbox that was rebranded as a Manliness kit. It included all the things needed to be… Read more »

Fourteen years ago today…

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Look at those kids in that picture. They are so young. That was taken in March of 1999 and is the earliest picture I can find of Selena and I. Before we picked up a Wedding Anniversary (October 6th) this was the day we celebrated – March 5th. Today, according to Selena, is the anniversary… Read more »

Celebrating President Bartlett on President’s Day

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Celebraitng President's Day with The West Wing

Happy President’s Day! With both day cares closed, I am probably spending the holiday watching the girls but if time and toddlers allow, I may pop The West Wing on Netflix instant streaming and celebrate the best of the best fictional Presidents – Josiah Bartlett [Mental note  – Write a blog post about the Mount… Read more »

An Early Valentine from Kaylee

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A Valentine's Card from Kaylee

I came home late last night after a long and tedious day at work to find Kaylee standing at the top of the steps. She should have been in bed and asleep by this point, but she waited up. She had something she wanted to share, that couldn’t wait. And when I went up the… Read more »

Celebrating Chinese New Year

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A delicious Chinese New Year celebration

This past weekend was Chinese New Year. I was sad to see this year end, because it was my year – the Year of the Dragon. I’ve always thought I had some pretty good fortune by the Chinese calendar, because dragons are freaking awesome, especially when some of the other choices are a rabbit or… Read more »

Sookie opens her present

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I sometimes forget that dogs are not people too. I know at times I can put high expectations on my dog’s Sookie and have to be reminded that she’s a shih-tzu, not a human, she can’t understand or do everything we can. But then Christmas comes around and we say “Sookie open your present” and… Read more »

Kaylee Yoda

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    My co-workers all know me as the guy obsessed with Star Wars, (well one of the guys, I do work for in technology), that is why my co-worker Katrina knew I would just love a Santa hat with Yoda ears sticking out of it for Kaylee. And I do, it is a great… Read more »

Making the Most of Halloween

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Kaylee had such a great time this Halloween. It started on Friday when she, dressed as a ladybug, crashed the local day-care’s Halloween parade. She goes to an in-house daycare with only three other kids, so they don’t really do a lot to do for Halloween. When our neighbors who go to the bigger facility… Read more »

Baby’s First Halloween

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For baby’s first Halloween we found an adorable cow costume, and then kicked it up a notch by setting the whole family to a Click Clack Moo barnyard theme. Here are some photos from Selena and Kaylee visiting Greg at The Motley Fool’s office trick or treating, as well as from our front stoop from… Read more »

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Selena

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Three years ago today, Selena and I exchanged vows on a beach in the Florida Keys. That was just the beginning. It’s been quite a journey already. In no particular order, over the past three years since we got married: We travelled to Saint Lucia We bought a new home Greg got promoted Selena left… Read more »