Fast and the Furious Marathon

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Six great days of getting fast and furious.

Going to see Fast and the Furiuos 6 on opening day was fantastic. Having built up to that by watching one Fast and Furious movie a night for the whole week leading up to it made for the Best Week Ever. After six nights of watching the fast cars, crazy stunts and rediculous plots, here’s… Read more »

Watching The Little Mermaid from a dad’s perspective

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I hadn’t watched The Little Mermaid in some time, so when I put it on the other night to watch with Kaylee, I noticed that my viewing of this movie has changed. I am now watching this movie from the perspective of a dad, and from that vantage-point, the most interesting character to me is… Read more »

How to win an Oscar Pool

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Last year I came in second in an Oscar Pool. This year I landed first place. These are the theories I use to determine who will win the Oscars: Momentum carries – The Academy voters are people too, and people like to pick a winner, even in the odd categories like editing, so if one… Read more »

Five things I never knew about vampires

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I joined Selena and her sister Anna to see Twilight this weekend and realized I completely misunderstood the whole vampire lore. Thankfully teenage-love-drama writer Stephanie Meyer was able to set me straight. Here’s what I learned from Twilight: Vampires are hot! The female ones… sort of, but definitely the male ones. They are the hottest… Read more »

Oceans 11 or Italian Job?

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Selena asked me if, hypothetically, I was being courted by two separate groups to join them in doing a heist, but I could only join one, which would it be? Would I become a member of the George Clooney’s Ocean’s 11 team, or prefer to sign on with Mark Wahlburg’s Italian Job crew? Good question,… Read more »

Rude crowd at Flight of the Concords

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Selena and I (with Tanya, Jason and Rebecca) went to see “Flight of the Concords” on Friday night. The New Zealand duo was a lot of fun, playing all their biggest hits from their first HBO special and from the show: Jenny, Business Time, Albie the Racist Dragon, If You Want To, the weird David… Read more »

World Building

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For a few weeks now I have felt alone in enjoying Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. So I began looking to see if there are more of us out there, and found one who is quite articulate on the subject of why Pirates 3 was brilliant. Henry Jenkins of MIT has a must-read… Read more »