First Impressions

Selena first saw Greg playing Bud Frump in a production of How to Succeed and thought he was cute. Greg first saw Selena when she auditioned for his production of Joseph… he thought she was talented and had way too many conflicts. Greg didn’t cast Selena.

How They Met

Later in college, Greg was working as computer support in the graphic design computer lab that Selena worked at every day. They met through romantic interactions like rebooting her computer, complaining about the printer not working, and trying to save a crashing file. On Greg’s very last day of working at the lab, he asked Selena out on a date.

First Date

There is some dispute. Greg believes the first date was going for coffee on March 2, 1999 at Brewed Awakenings. Neither of them drank coffee, but to Greg it was a good opportunity to meet and see if they were compatible (Selena was still under-age at the time, or they probably would have met for a drink).

Selena, dismisses this get-together, and considers the first date the following Friday, March 5 1999 when the two of them went to La Casa Pasta for dinner followed by a screening of Shakespeare in Love.

How He Proposed

In front of a crowd of 300+ theatre-goers at the Delaware Shakespeare Festival, Greg contrived for Selena to be on stage so he could call attention to her and to their relationship, and could drop to one knee and propose. The whole event was captured on video.

Stupidest Fight

Which direction does the silverware tray goes in the drawer? Greg believes that the columns for the primary utensils should be facing out. Selena insists the miscellaneous tray of odds and ends should be the first visible area of the silverware drawer, with the columns of forks, knives and spoons following after it.

Their Song

Greg and Selena have never had a definitive “our song”. In the early years of dating the closest was Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry, because their second date was to an Eagle Eye Cherry concert on South Street. Later, Greg randomly determined Heavy D and the Boyz Now that We Found Love was going to be their song. Selena, still not impressed decided the first dance at their wedding, to play as the fireworks went off overhead, would be When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban.

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