Ginelle turns one and faceplants the cake

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Over Memorial Day weekend our little baby turned one year old. We threw her a birthday part with family and friends in attendance and gave her an oversize cupcake as her personal cake to eat in her high-chair. Ginelle did wonderfully well neither crying nor putting her hand directly in the candle flame while we… Read more »

Happy Birthday Ginelle!

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It astonishes me how quickly a year goes by, and suddenly my little baby, who’s never been particularly little is also not so much a baby anymore either. She independently plays, except when she’s swinging (and needs a little help from her sister). She’s crusing (almost walking), she’s forming sounds (almost words). She’s on the… Read more »

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

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How did she get to be three years old already?! We woke up (groggily), dressed her, fed her, brush teeth and hair, dropped her off at day care, kissed her goodbye, we went to work. Later that evening: picked her up, big hugs, drove her home, watched a little of her favorite show, fed her dinner,… Read more »

Kaylee’s 2nd Birthday

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There were balloons, a pile of presents, and Kai Lan themed banners and lanterns and gift bags for the kids. There was Chic-Fil-A nuggets, homemade Mac & Cheese and Chinese noodles along with cookies, chips and cupcakes, one that had a little number “2” on it. It was Kaylee’s second birthday party, and we celebrated… Read more »

Recreating the Hunger Games

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For my birthday this year, Selena put together a most fun event modeled after the book series The Hunger Games. She had us all meet at Bellevue State Park in Delaware and had set up a circle with 16 starting points around a Cornucopia of supplies in the center. When she said “Go” everyone either… Read more »

The many birthdays of Eddie Kang

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On January 2nd, Selena and I were in Egypt and she regretting that we were not home to celebrate her father’s birthday. On January 26th , the day after Chinese New Year, Selena brought up that we really should get together with her family again that night, to celebrate her father’s birthday. Today, February 11th,… Read more »