Ginelle turns one and faceplants the cake

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Over Memorial Day weekend our little baby turned one year old. We threw her a birthday part with family and friends in attendance and gave her an oversize cupcake as her personal cake to eat in her high-chair. Ginelle did wonderfully well neither crying nor putting her hand directly in the candle flame while we… Read more »

Happy Birthday Ginelle!

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It astonishes me how quickly a year goes by, and suddenly my little baby, who’s never been particularly little is also not so much a baby anymore either. She independently plays, except when she’s swinging (and needs a little help from her sister). She’s crusing (almost walking), she’s forming sounds (almost words). She’s on the… Read more »

Ginelle Rolls Over for the First Time

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Here is a video of Ginelle rolling over for one of the very first times after she was able to really do it consistently. This is such a big milestone for a baby and I was so glad we captured it on video. We never captured this moment for Kaylee, and that is astounding to me… Read more »

Ginelle’s First Solid Food

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Since Thanksgiving is a holiday all about eating, it seemed a very appropriate time to try moving Ginelle from beyond just bottles to start eating solid foods. It took a few tries; she was not a fan of just rice cereal. Once we started mixing the Gerber flavored foods in with rice cereal, she was… Read more »

What’s in a name: Ginelle Grace Robleto

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The new baby that adding a lot of joy and subtracting a lot of sleep from our lives is Ginelle Grace Robleto. What is the significance of that name? Ginelle is an alternate version of the name Gina, and is a tribute to her maternal grandmother. Selena’s mom, Gina Kang, passed away 10 years ago… Read more »

Welcome Ginelle Grace Robleto

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At 6:45am on Friday May 25th, everything in our world changed completely… again. After 23 hours in the hospital, Selena delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl – seven pounds, 12 ounces. We named her Ginelle Grace Robleto. Mother and baby are both doing wonderfully. Here are many many pictures of Ginelle when she first… Read more »