Kaylee’s Ballet Recital

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One of the perks of the Kindercare where we send Kaylee is they bring in a ballet instructor every Friday. We started Kaylee in for these ballet lessons about six months ago and last week they held their first recital. I was stunned right from the onset when we walked in and saw our little… Read more »

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

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How did she get to be three years old already?! We woke up (groggily), dressed her, fed her, brush teeth and hair, dropped her off at day care, kissed her goodbye, we went to work. Later that evening: picked her up, big hugs, drove her home, watched a little of her favorite show, fed her dinner,… Read more »

Princesses in Walt Disney World

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What a fun trip to Disney World we had this past week. There were memories made there that will last a lifetime. We went to Orlando to get away from the cold, to visit my family, and for Selena and my step-mom Michelle to wear tutus and tiaras and run 13.1 miles in the Disney… Read more »

An Early Valentine from Kaylee

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A Valentine's Card from Kaylee

I came home late last night after a long and tedious day at work to find Kaylee standing at the top of the steps. She should have been in bed and asleep by this point, but she waited up. She had something she wanted to share, that couldn’t wait. And when I went up the… Read more »

Celebrating Chinese New Year

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A delicious Chinese New Year celebration

This past weekend was Chinese New Year. I was sad to see this year end, because it was my year – the Year of the Dragon. I’ve always thought I had some pretty good fortune by the Chinese calendar, because dragons are freaking awesome, especially when some of the other choices are a rabbit or… Read more »

Kaylee makes the coffee

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You can tell by the sweater I’m wearing and the full head of hair that this video was shot a while ago. For a few months before Kaylee became our #1 helper with taking care of baby Ginelle, she was already starting to earn her keep by helping do small tasks around the house like… Read more »

Kaylee’s 2nd Birthday

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There were balloons, a pile of presents, and Kai Lan themed banners and lanterns and gift bags for the kids. There was Chic-Fil-A nuggets, homemade Mac & Cheese and Chinese noodles along with cookies, chips and cupcakes, one that had a little number “2” on it. It was Kaylee’s second birthday party, and we celebrated… Read more »

We’re Going to Disneyland!

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Our last day in LA was the Monday after the wedding. Four couples (plus kids) stayed that extra day with the same intention. We’re going to Disneyland! I have (literally) been in Disney’s theme parks in Florida hundreds of times, but this was also my first visit to either of the two California parks:  Disneyland… Read more »

Just Getting to California

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This is one in a series of blog posts going up daily over the next week providing detail about our fantastic two week trip to California. One of the biggest concerns for me was actually getting my family out to LA.This was my first time traveling with the baby, and I made the cost-effective-but-anxiety-spiking decision… Read more »